Make a Decision

by Ben Perreira

About three years ago I was working for a sports agent and met a gentleman who was a Harvard Business School graduate and all around smart guy. He was also slightly shady and could be a real prick, but I still learned a ton from him. I was looking into business schools at the time and asked his opinion. It was: 

Do you want me to save you $100k? I can sum up what I learned in three words: “make a decision.”

I didn’t heed his advice to forego business school and save the money (thankfully not $100k), but it was great advice that holds true after my experience of (almost) getting an MBA. 

That’s the purpose of this blog, in a way. 

I have had a few different blogs in the past, but haven’t been able to decide on a format. This is in some ways an extension of my Twitter feed: stream of consciousness and constantly inspired by new things. I am inherently curious, perhaps to a fault, but I wanted a place where I could discuss business through the various contexts through which it is often presented. Maybe I’ll even debunk some nonsense for a couple people.

Committing to something can prove psychologically hazardous, as Dr. Robert Cialdini notes in his seminal tome, Influence. It can force us to stay with that thing simply to avoid cognitive dissonance, or feeling uneasy. However, fuck it.

Another quote a saw recently that highlights the importance of moving forward:

Of indecisive paralysis or making a mistake, the former is the more insidious organizational issue.

Steve Jobs had a famous saying that “artists always ship,” and that work is useless if it stays on your shelf.

So here’s my blog, shipped.