So you got your MBA, huh?

by Ben Perreira

This is a post I wrote for another blog a little over a year ago. I recently saw a similarly ridiculous comment and it reminded me of this. The good thing for those of us getting MBAs – at least people are still perceiving the degree’s value…

An MBA can be a valuable piece of currency. That is one reason I decided to pursue one, in addition to the education and mountain of student loan debt I would accrue along the way.

The worlds of LinkedIn and Twitter can offer creative interpretations of what an MBA is. One LinkedIn user in my network claimed that he got his “MBA” (his quotes) while working on the road as a tour and team manager for a skateboard company. A guy I follow on Twitter an respect for what he has done in the business world recently tweeted that he “got (his) ‘MBA’ last night from knowledge dropped from” the founder of a large company he works for. (I know he doesn’t read this, but I’ll protect his identity anyway). Granted, the founder of his company deserves a ton of props because he has built a successful, wildly profitable company that markets its products better than almost anyone in the world. I would love to have a chat too.

The issue is the idea that a 45 minute chat constitutes an MBA. An MBA is not just some inside information. It is a series of seminars with different business professionals from different backgrounds. It takes years to complete, full dedication, and [edit: well!] over a thousand hours of work when it’s all said and done. It is meant to prepare one for any business situation that may arise, not unlike how a law degree should prepare one for any legal situation. You don’t hear people claiming they got a JD after having coffee with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Please stop this, people. No doubt you have had experiences that are probably much more valuable than what is offered in business school, but you don’t have an MBA. If you mean it as a joke it’s a dumb one, and the joke is on you.

Elitist rant ends here.