Customer “Service”

by Ben Perreira

The customer is always right, according to a dated maxim. 

In reality, the customer should be taken care of as much as possible, but is often neglected when necessary. In recent years mobile network operators have dropped customers who end up causing them to lose money due to complaints.

Then some companies try, but just fail because of sloppy execution. Take Subway, which a year ago became the largest fast food chain in the world based on number of restaurants. A couple years ago Subway management must have told all employees that they had to say “Welcome to Subway” every time someone walked in the door, and they do. Problem solved? Customers cared-for?


Where everything else in Subway is measured to the T, its greetings are off. “Sandwich artists” don’t look at up customers, rather they simply utter the greeting in cacophony while pushing our footlongs along. At the end of the day the insincerity is almost insulting, even at Subway. Their employees are above average for a fast food chain, but imprecise instructions from management don’t do them any favors.

As usual, the game is won or loss in the most ambiguous of territories.