Polls and Poles

by Ben Perreira

I try to stay away from politics in my daily life as well as on these sacred pages, but I found a supremely juicy and erroneous tidbit I simply could not afford to let pass.

This morning I was watching Fox News (you know, for the “fair and balanced” reports) and saw some poll results. They looked something like this.

Fox News Poll: Who do you think the media wants to win the presidential election?

Obama – 61%

Romney – 15%

Unsure – 17%

No word on what happened to the other 7% of respondents.

The proof, as Sancho Panza said, is in the pudding that is eaten. Does this poll possibly offer anything of remote value to anyone? Yes. What it shows is that people who watch Fox News (the population subset polled) tend to believe what Fox News tells them.

This poll, like those “proving” many political narratives, is patently offensive to the democratic process. It takes the focus away from what people seem to be unwilling to focus on, which is the issues. But that would take mental effort, and it is much easier to tell stories like this.