Brand Shark

by Ben Perreira

Just like the Fonz jumped the shark in Happy Days, brands can jump the shark. They believe that they are so powerful that anything they release/ promote/ message will be a massive hit.

Donald Trump is one such brand. The name that adorns hotels, buildings, cologne (I’m assuming) and political campaign signs has suddenly turned sour. Close to 500,000 people have signed a petition to get Macy’s to stop carrying Trump’s line of shirts and ties. No only do these people not want to buy his gear, they actively petitioned the retailer to stop selling it. They are offended by his very name in a store they like.

Granted, in many circles Donald is probably popular, but a few exceptions do not disprove a rule. Just because people still hunt down British Knights doesn’t mean the brand carries the clout it once did.

If Trumps companies were public (which they never would be, because we could all see how overvalued he was for so long) I would sell them immediately.