The Secret

by Ben Perreira

We dance ‘round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows. – Frost

Every few months Facebook announces changes to its privacy policy. Of course, none of use read this new policy so we assume it means Facebook is going to sell our info to evil corporations. Within 48 hours we are so consumed with what our friends are posting on Facebook that we no longer care, only to have the cycle repeat a few months down the road.

Now that Facebook owns Instagram it should not be a surprise that the mobile photo changer app would be looking to follow its parent’s monetization techniques. It announced yesterday that it would be making changes to its privacy to reactions akin to those common to Facebook changes. Aside from being the most effective way to determine which friends to avoid in real life, this is a shocking and offensive demonstration of sheep behavior.

Thus, Instagram had to release a statement today that it would not be selling our photos and essentially would be using the same formula Facebook uses with promotion of brand pages.

Your photos are safe. Facebook and its subsidiaries, like you, have no market for your grainy self-portraits and poorly lit food shots. Snap in peace.