The One (That Doesn’t Exist)

by Ben Perreira

We can thank Hollywood for making us think Prince Charming or Princess Whatever-the-hell-the-equivalent-is exists somewhere out there.

It sounds fun and beautiful and romantic when we are young, but it becomes clear that it is more destructive when we get older. I see it in my friends, women I’ve dated, and myself.

One female friend in her late 20’s is looking for a guy who is tall, handsome, makes enough money to buy her a Range Rover, and social enough to go out but loves to stay at home to cuddle with her while watching cheesy movies and smoking weed. This guy does not exist. 

I remember talking to a family friend a few years back who had recently lost his wife. When they met, he was in dental school and wasn’t making money. (The implication seemed to be that he could have done better, somehow, if he had waited a few years). She had a good job and she was beautiful. Most importantly, he pointed out, they were both in the mindset that they were ready to settle down. He knew it was time.

Businesspeople make this mistake too. I worked with a brand that was launching a digital product in an unproven category. The idea itself was good, but the projections were out of control. When I ran the numbers the projected net profit margin was 90%! (For non-accounting types, 10% net margin is pretty good.) I would have better luck finding my friend her dream guy.

The best of us buy low and sell high. They hone their craft until they know how to identify the right time to act. At that point, The One isn’t the one because of some cosmic connection, it is just the right one.