Asset Leverage: An Addendum

by Ben Perreira

Yesterday I wrote about people being more powerful than ideas. 

They really are – if you use them.

Companies usually good at figuring out how to get more out of various assets – raw materials, buildings, equipment, and the like. However, many organizations, including this guy’s, do a very poor job of managing their most valuable asset, their people. 

Imagine moving into a new house and trying to figure out where to put your TV, desktop computer, and appliances. Each of those things could have a variety of secondary devices (modem, DVD player, etc.) that plug in to make them more dynamic. You have now figured out where each one goes and you have to plug them all in. You want to be able to control them individually from one central place, but you want them all to do their respective tasks well. In your mind they all work perfectly exactly when you want to use them.

Organizations that fail to use their human assets are like you at your new house with a Roku sitting on the floor, unplugged. It takes some effort to get everything working right, but it’s worth it.