When In Search Of Solace

by Ben Perreira

Things seldom pan out the way we plan them. I began to realize this when I got a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my 19th birthday and bought my first in a series of books on Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies.

At the same time my plan in life was to be a poet. Before one rushes to judgment and says, “Sir, that isn’t even a profession,” keep in mind that my more realistic plan was to become a professional surfer. Fortunately, while I suffered from professional delusion I also gained some insight into not letting things bother me too much. So around that time I penned the line:

When in search of solace, I unexpect the expected.

I’m not totally sure why this stuck with me. I haven’t read my writing in years, but maybe the simplicity or the alliteration have kept it bouncing around in my mind.

I was reminded of this when I saw Mint.com founder Aaron Patzer’s talk at Princeton (well worth the hour investment) and his mention of listening to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” whenever he felt like quitting while developing Mint. 

The good is often unexpected, the bad is often unexpected, but expectations fall under our control.