Double Emptiness

by Ben Perreira

Body is nothing more than emptiness, 
emptiness is nothing more than body. 
The body is exactly empty, 
and emptiness is exactly body. – The Heart Sutra

We’re no different than they are. They’re all practice and no theory; we’re all theory and no practice. – Waking Life

I’ve mentioned that I’ve read a bit of Eastern philosophy. I love going back to it because of its seemingly endless applicability. The concept of double emptiness is my topic du jour.

Emptiness is the idea that things that happen are devoid of innate meaning. All meaning we perceive is ascribed. When we finally perceive emptiness, we approach Nirvana, a Buddhist would say.

The idea of double emptiness is that thinking and doing are inextricable. They duke it out until, like soul mates, they become one. In everything there exists everything else that has ever existed and the ingredients for all that will one day exist.

We can invert double emptiness to create meaning for brands. Rather than having everything the brand (“body”) does point to emptiness, it all points to a core idea. It all relates to a perspective on the world, a history that is unique from that of its competitors.

If everything around us is inherently empty anyway, why not have some fun with it?