Anything But Country

by Ben Perreira

This may piggyback on my last post a little, but it deserves its own space.

There is something very fascinating about one’s choice in music. Tastes develop regionally and mature as we age, slowing down or becoming more rhythmic. I find that variety is the spice of life when it comes to most things. I am certainly in no position to impose my musical views on anyone. This, however, is too common to let slide. 

What I am talking about, of course, is when people describe their musical preference as “anything but country.”

This person probably listens to hip hop, various branches of rock and maybe emo. But what he is telling us about country music is more instructive than what he is saying about his own “tastes” – he is saying “I recognize that country music holds the lowest place in American musical culture and I want to be seen as cultured.” That’s all.

Like wearing white after Labor Day, saying you listen to country music is a cultural faux pas. Music is hardly even part of the conversation.