Assets and Liabilities

by Ben Perreira

In the world of accounting, assets are equal to liabilities plus equity. For the sake of this argument, assets and liabilities are roughly equal.

We all become aware of our assets over time. We know that we’re good at math or with people. We learn to exploit and commercialize them in ways that we find advantageous.

For each assets, however, there is a liability. That is, each positive personality trait has a converse that is less positive. A few examples:

– Asset: people person. Liability: invasive of personal space.

– Asset: curiosity. Liability: susceptibility to distraction.

– Asset: drive. Liability: overbearing.

The key is the maximize the left side and minimize the right side, of course. It is also key to keep in mind that there is no correct formula when figuring people out. Couched in a large asset could be a large liability.