The Most Productive Time of the Year

by Ben Perreira

The most productive time of the year is when you least expect it. Or at least mine is.

I recently took about a month off after finishing a freelance job to chase the Tour de France for a week, visit friends/ former colleagues/ future colleagues in NYC for a week, drive from LA to Montana (camping along the way) for a friend’s wedding, and finally explore more of San Francisco, also via car.

For someone who enjoys the great outdoors and a great adventure, this has been a fantastic time.

But as someone who studies how people and brands interact, it has been highly productive. I’ve studied French sports fans, New Yorkers on subways, religious Utahans, white water rafting Montanans, sun-shocked San Franciscans, and so many more. Its rare to interact in this way in one office in one city. This kind of exposure, introducing bias as it does, is vital to be able to add context to brand interactions. 

Some may call it vacation or tell me they want my life. I look at it as the sowing that comes before reaping the true rewards.