Patient and Fearless

Don’t let the title mislead you – I am neither.

However, as I was sitting in the back seat of my friend’s car on a 12 hour adventure to Lake Tahoe at the end of last year, I took some time to think about things that hold me back. Maybe they hold other people back too.

It seems that successful people (defined as you wish) are probably very patient. They know that things come and go. They know that it is ok to wait for the right circumstances.

They are probably also fearless. They have failed enough to know that failure sucks but is also instructive. And they know that when the right circumstances arise they need to act decisively, unafraid of what they estimate to be a small downside.

So this year has been a work in progress. Seeking out things that scare me and waiting on things I would rather not wait for. I’m still impatient and scared of tons of things, but I recommend the exercise.