Your Story

by Ben Perreira

It wasn’t really until I read Dr. Bob Deutsch’s “The 5 Essentials” a year ago that I realized the importance of owning your own story. Your story is sort of the long version of an elevator speech. A coherent narrative to add order to how you live your life. Every one has multiple stories with multiple arcs, and with any luck they start to flow together after a while.

For example, here’s the Reader’s Digest version of part of my story:

I’ve always been really curious about how people do things. The more I study people the more I realize how weird we are. A lot of what we do and how we think in Western culture is influenced and enabled by what we buy (and vice versa, but to a lesser extent). So I went to business school to get a better understanding of the gears of commerce, knowing that I could continue to study how people do things in general outside of learning financial modeling.

Studying how people do things allows you to form and test hypotheses on why people do these things. This is where the fun begins. The motivation for some of what we do falls under the realm evolutionary psychology – obtaining food, sex and safety – and some comes from culture. If evolution is a sickle, culture is a scalpel, adding nuance to how smaller groups act. Modern psychology tells us that much of our learned behavior is an automated response to a stimulus. Thus, evolutionary psychology and culture have slowly become the realms I pay close attention to in order to test various stimuli and attempt to affect commercial behavior at scale, and in turn better understand people.

That’s my story as of this point in history.

What’s yours? Feel free to email me to discuss: perreira.ben (at)