by Ben Perreira


With my friend Jordan in Big Bear. January 4, 2015.

I’ve never really had a new year’s resolution, much less one I’ve put any effort into keeping. I tend to think they’re kind of hokey. But I think anything that makes you pause and check how you habitually do things can be a good thing. So last year I sort of did come up with a resolution (to be more patient and less fearful), and I sort of kept it.

I’ve referred to The 5 Essentials a couple times. I think a lot about Dr. Bob’s concept of paradox because it’s inherent is almost everything we do. Pain and bliss interact, love and hate are far from opposites, success and struggle work hand-in-hand, and a writer’s flow and writer’s are in constant flux.

Some of the above were present for me.

There were a few less general ones as well – like regular and goofy. I have been surfing as a goofyfoot since age 11, but for some reason, when I started snowboarding I went regular and I haven’t been able to switch back. But it’s been a cool experience. Regular and goofy are my paradox because I’m one person who often finds himself at opposite ends of the spectrum for snowboarding and surfing, respectively – learning and maturity, stoke and jadedness, or frustration and boredom.

I’m trying to embrace these paradoxes and it seems to be working. I enjoy each activity for what it is at that given time. Far from Nirvana, but I’ll take the small victories.

To a thrilling and satisfying 2015.